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True Change Comes From the Inside

Posted by Eric Olsen on Jul 21, 2015 2:00:00 PM

In preparation for a recent company meeting, I had the opportunity to read the first chapter of Janice A. Klein’s book True Change: How Outsiders on the Inside Get Things Done in Organizations.  (Copyright 2004 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)  I found this reading interesting due to the fact that at Synchro, we often say that our biggest competitor is the “Status Quo”, or the way things have always been done.  It is no secret or surprise to any of us that change is never easy.  Ms. Klein makes the clear case that “Outsiders on the Inside” are the people who successfully orchestrate true change in an organization.  I look with anticipation to the rest of the book.

Some takeaways from the first chapter:

  •  Change efforts can be “pushed” onto an organization from the outside, or “pulled” into the organization from the inside
  •  “Pushing” change leads to wasted effort
  •  “True Change:
o   Occurs from within the organization
o   Is “pulled in” by specific issues
o   Requires “adaptive change” capability in the organization
o   Occurs when new ideas become rooted into the work flow
  • True Change is NOT:
o   “Pushed” in by a change agent or the outsider consultant
o   Top down management whose ideas come from the outsider consultants that know little about the company’s existing work flow
o   Sustainable as soon as the Change Agent moves on and the outside influence is gone
o   Short term bursts of innovation found in scattered pockets of the operation
  • The “Outsider” is typically senior management and / or its consultants
  •  The “Insider” works on the front lines and works closely with their team leadership
  •  “Outsiders on the Inside” MUST
o   Understand the specific day to day workings of the organization
o   Understand where the current work flow (the status quo, “the way we do things around here”) is getting in the way
o   Question the status quo for the good of the entire team
o   Pull in new ideas
o   Understand that the pure Insider is stuck in the status quo, and the pure outsider has difficulty embedding change
o   Understand that being the Outside Insider is different, it is difficult and will create True Change
As stated above, true change is “pulled” in by specific issues.  At Synchro Software, we clearly see the issues that the construction industry faces.  Project complexity, cost and danger are ever increasing by the amazing capabilities of our engineering software and CAD applications.  We also clearly understand the current state and the industry’s status quo of how project planning, scheduling and project controls are organized and get in the way of keeping pace with the project complexity, cost and danger.   We believe that the status quo in technology and industry practice must change to reverse the industry regression in output and productivity. The change required to modify project delivery processes, to enter the world of digital construction, to “abandon the status quo” is difficult.  Our philosophy at Synchro runs parallel to many of the points advocated by Ms. Klein.
We believe that True Change originates from within the organization.
  •  We focus our support on the “Outsider Insider”
  •  We support the understanding of new ideas, new software tools, new methods and new workflows for the Outside Insider
  •  We support individuals, project teams, and organizations who strive for true change.
  •  We provide the Outside Insider with necessary information to take the first decision and all subsequent decisions.
  • We provide a software tool that solves real issues and respects the challenging role of the Outside Insider to evolve the existing planning, scheduling and project controls work flows.
  • We support the process of clear decision making and True Change.  Do not look for or expect us to push in and sell you solutions we know work for someone else. Each customer is different.
  • Pushing in and selling software licenses does not create true change. Particularly, when the customer lacks the Outside Insider with a clear agenda to create true change. 
  • The Outside Insider succeeds by pulling us in to support your efforts to take up the challenges of the ever increasing project complexity, cost, and danger in the global construction industry is the only way we work.  We are interested in True Change not a software sales transaction.
  • Pull us in when you are ready; until then ask yourself and your organization how prepared are you for the future, know that Outside Insiders in many companies around the world have taken up the challenge of true change in project delivery and are challenging the status quo of project planning, scheduling and project controls.
 What Outside Insiders can expect from us:
  •  Technical Support
  •  User Support
  •  Rapid turnaround on support requests
  •  Customized training designed for your organization focus on what you want to improve  through True Change.
  •  Access to our users community include Owners, Contractors, Consultants, Subcontractors  and Specialty Suppliers.
  •  Experience across all industry segments from vertical to horizontal construction and every  project type in between.
 Ask yourself:
  •  Are you your company’s “Outside Insider”?
  •  Are you alarmed by the ever increasing complexity demanded by project size, fantastic designs, tight deadlines, and site constraints?
  •  Do you go to work every day and do your best to get the job done well? 
  •  Are you constantly looking to improve your team’s competitive advantage? 
  •  Are you frustrated with business as usual?  
  •  Do you dread listening to the next outsider telling you about the future of your company?
 Simply put, construction is complicated and it requires people to make the future a reality. Whether this complexity is driven by design, engineering, size, procurement, deadlines, geography, logistics, site access and conditions, or the internal push to grow your business, it is time to take notice.  We must challenge the status quo of project planning, scheduling and controls to achieve great results for projects. We need to tame these complex monster projects that are taking over construction around the world.  At Synchro we welcome the challenge. We want to share the information it takes to move forward in the new digital age of project delivery.  Pull us in and ask us to provide you with the support you need to fully explore and understand the true potential of your delivery team to meet demands of the modern industry.

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