4D BIM for Construction

BIM: Where is it headed?

Posted by Sue Dengenis on Jun 18, 2014 3:24:30 PM

Building information modeling (BIM) is firmly established as the “go-to” technology globally for the design and construction of buildings. It is transforming architecture, engineering and construction by providing accurate, timely and relevant information.  So what is the future for BIM?   Last week at CIFE’s  (Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, Stanford University) Summer Program, one hot topic was extending the data rich elements of 3D models further into the lifecycle of buildings for the benefit of operations and facilities management where the majority of the cost of a building resides. The potential for BIM to dramatically improve the effectiveness of building life cycle management is clear.

The challenge faced by the facility and operations management profession is the divide between the information used for building design and construction and the information needed for effective facility management.  Yes, we have a way to go before there is seamless integration from design to construction to operations management but companies and organizations are talking about the possibilities and how to establish best practices.

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