4D BIM for Construction

4D Scheduling vs. 4D Visualization

Posted by Christian Phillip Andreassen on Jul 14, 2015 6:44:00 PM

For those who new to the concept: 4D is the inclusion of the schedule into the BIM to create a virtual construction process. As the 4D trend is catching on there is a need to evaluate the different kinds of 4D tools. The different tools for 4D allow for different optimization levels of the schedule and different kinds of output from the various software. As a part of my master’s thesis, I did a qualitative comparison of a 4D visualization tool, and a 4D scheduling tool. The tools were applied to a project, Gullfaks. Gullfaks is a 17800 m2 office building currently under construction outside of Stavanger, Norway. The contractor is Kruse Smith AS, whom I teamed up with for the comparison.

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When to develop a 4D Schedule?

Posted by Ken Meding on Jul 7, 2015 3:30:00 PM

This question has been asked multiple times within companies that are new to the VDC / BIM methods. The solution may be simple to understand but challenging to implement.  It’s understood that the construction industry is not the fastest to accept new methods and strategies.  Why should we? We have been constructing major projects for years without using these methods. 

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Are We At A Fork In the Road?

Posted by Tom Dengenis on May 19, 2015 2:13:00 PM

Complexity in engineering, design and construction is now a constant. If we can point to one factor  driving complexity it is the new CAD capabilities that 3D modeling enables; the fantastic, the amazing and in some sectors like oil and gas, the monster projects.
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Synchro Mobile App Brings 4D to The Field

Posted by Jack Gray and Nick Mann on May 14, 2015 4:07:57 PM

Those of you who follow emerging technology in construction know that the mobile app field is heating up.  Many offerings are showing up with a variety of features; however I am not aware of any others that include 4D scheduling.  Synchro’s mobile app, code named “Zephyr”, is moving ahead quickly, integrating feedback from our customers and our testing team.  “Zephyr” will be fully integrated with the Synchro Pro suite and will bring 4D scheduling  and project monitoring to the field.  The key methodology that “Zephyr” employs for mobile reporting is to report job status from the field at the task level and more detailed status reporting at the level of Resources.  “Zephyr” is designed to take advantage of the range of services available on mobile platforms: fast 3d geometry, navigation, location services, email, voice and text notes, photography and video, weather reports, live connection, and so on.  Data reportable from “Zephyr” will be governed by the user’s role and permission in Synchro Pro, and will fully synchronize a focused 4D view of the project between Synchro Pro and “Zephyr” its mobile field extension.

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Building A Scheduling Dashboard At Beck

Posted by James Norris and Brian Monwai- Beck Group on Mar 3, 2015 4:00:00 PM

The Virtual Building Group has been developing a Scheduling Dashboard to help us achieve operational excellence in our construction scheduling. With the Dashboard we are able to monitor and track the health of every project’s schedule, ensure that our people know and use proper scheduling techniques, and hold people accountable to company standards. 

The Dashboard is a web application where schedules created in P6, Synchro, or even Microsoft Project can be uploaded for project managers to self-audit their schedules and for VBG schedulers and operational leadership to review project status. The application shows the schedule health of all Beck projects from a very high level all the way down to individual tasks. The scheduling data is tracked over time, so we can: view changes in contract completion dates, days gained/lost, number of scheduled activities, and maintain baselines, duration changes and proper logic. This helps us be proactive in keeping any individual job on schedule and helps us manage our projects across the company.

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Clarifying Details and Scope Using the Power of a 4D Schedule

Posted by James Norris- Beck Group on Feb 18, 2015 4:00:00 PM

Often times when we create our initial construction schedules, we don’t know some of the specific details that will determine how the building can actually go together. We all have ideas on what we “want” to happen in order to meet our promised end date to the owner. But, do we ask all the right questions needed to build our buildings in the way we logistically formed our schedule for the project?


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