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Top Trends in Construction

Posted by Joshua Hanson on Nov 21, 2013 5:00:00 PM

 1)    Permanent Modular Pre-Fabricated Construction-

Experts are stating that modular construction will be a huge trend in the coming years, saying the construction can easily last more than 50 years. It looks like commercial construction and can be done using many of the same materials and techniques: metal studs, concrete, or even wood. Modular construction fits particularly well when you’re in a time crunch, from fast food restaurants, (McDonalds being a popular contender already) that need to go up quickly, to army barracks for military deployment. It also allows you to have an easier time doing the building as you go, one section of a building can be built initially and occupied, then other parts of the build can be bought in at a later date, this sees it also becoming a part of high-rise construction and being particularly popular for how it fits in with LEED requirements. The key is changing people’s minds about what they envision, people see it as rigid cubic shapes, however modular construction can be used for many different shapes.

2)    Energy Efficiency-

This is a key factor in the minds of the construction bosses. Systems such as solar panels and wind turbines which generate energy from natural sources are becoming vital in protecting the environment; a building being ‘Green’.

3)    Single Design Model-

Many companies are now moving away from the traditional ideology that one design is created by the architect/engineer, and then this is re-drawn and changed with different information by the contractor. The focus has now moved onto having all skills in-house, creating an office where a design can be thought, engineered and constructed all in the same place, using the same model initially created.


4)    Materials-

In construction it’s gone from being about what materials to use for aesthetics, to how materials can be used. Many developments are going to prefabrication off-site for construction, this fits right into the ongoing theme of improving schedules, and improving durations and bringing forward handover dates. Instead of joining the walls together for one room, a whole level can be joined together before even reaching site. The ideology seems to be about moving more work normally carried out on site, to producing more in the factory.

5)    Technology-

As technology is constantly evolving and improving, the construction industry is striving to keep up with software and standards. Technology is helping the construction professionals visualise and capture things before they happen on site. The progression is making for a more accurate and cost effective construction industry, allowing mistakes to be prevented, and buildings to be built with absolute perfection; with regards to materials, environment, design and construction.


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