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The Next Generation of PM Tools for the AEC Industry

Posted by Josh Oakley, ANGL Consulting on Dec 18, 2013 12:18:42 AM

The A/E/C industry needs a revolution in the tools it uses to get work done. As a project manager in any discipline knows, anxiety about unfinished work is constant. Most of this anxiety is a result of how work is managed, not whether it’s actually getting done. It comes from a psychological condition called the Zeigarnik Effect. The Zeigarnik Effect is the tendency to experience intrusive thoughts about an object that was once pursued and left incomplete.

The large project planning tools that dominate the industry usually serve to document a guess (plan) before the project starts and then as a post mortem information capture during project completion. Most do this well. However, most aren’t built to manage the rapidly changing environment of day-­to-­day work. They aren’t nimble or user friendly enough to keep up with constantly changing daily tasks. Much less the collaboration and communication that’s required to keep information current. Email ends up being the primary tool for managing day to day work. As the inbox piles up with work the Zeigarnik Effect takes over and every email can become an intrusive thought.

Fortunately, the industry is on the verge of disruption with a new suite of lightweight web applications that will radically simplify the work of managing work. These applications will simplify decision making, allow users to focus on only the work that needs attention now.

● There is a giant gap between the tools we use to plan work (scheduling software, PM software, ERP applications, etc) and the tools we use to manage getting that work done (email, static word docs, spreadsheets, etc). The next generation of PM tools will bridge this gap leveraging a new set of web technologies.

○ Social collaboration

○ Real-­time status

○ Single source of truth for the project

○ Opinionated about how work gets done

● New PM tools will break large project plans into consumable tasks and durations

● They will provide a real-­time, accurate, single source of truth for the project team.

● The “Work Stack” (or “Work Feed”) gives a distributed project team a single view of work on a specific project.

○ Everyone sees the same thing

○ Status is updated in real-­time so users can trust the information

○ Work is filtered by what is “due” next ○ 2 week view is digestible

● New PM tools will make capturing decisions and assigning work during meetings easy and accessible

● New PM tools will be available on every device, everywhere.


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