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The BIM Roadmap

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Deke Smith • Cindy Baldwin • Alix Loiseau • Benjamin Crosby • Will Ikerd • Shelby Hirschburg •
Carl Roberts • Leah Rochwarg • Rebecca McWilliams • Christof Spieler

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is revolutionizing the way savvy contractors, architects and owners do business — slashing project delivery time 25% (and sometimes more), cutting claims and change orders to near zero, saving millions of dollars in incorrectly specified materials and fixtures, slashing legal fees and reducing contractor liability...and putting big smiles on clients' faces.


Yet today, only a small fraction of construction and design executives are using BIM. Many continue to sit on the sidelines, scared off by presumed steep learning curves, high software costs, legal and contractual confusion, and fear of the unknown. This year's BIM Roadmap series was designed to help those still sitting on the fence learn why they should start using BIM, along with practical steps they can start taking immediately. Purchase this exclusive series if you want to learn more about how to improve BIM implementation in your organization, including...

  • What the National BIM Standard-US™ Version 2, released in May 2012, means to you and how it will affect your BIM decisions going forward.
  • How has the reality of BIM played out versus the original visions; are the contractors and owners the primary beneficiaries, or do A/Es achieve an ROI as well?
  • Is it the technology or culture that is the bottleneck? Or are other factors holding us back?
  • How are the roles of the parties, and their relationships, being affected by the use of BIM? Is this a good thing?
  • Are certain types and/or sizes of projects emerging that make more sense for BIM implementation?
  • Are A/Es, contractors and/or CMs missing opportunities by not implementing BIM? Learn how public agencies in Florida and elsewhere are specifying BIM use in all phases of new projects, for example.
  • What are we learning about the skill sets and day-to-day usage and management issues encountered?
  • Learn how BIM-enabled projects allow the owner and contracting team to more easily achieve and document LEED goals as well as be in a better position to take advantage of newer building methods, products and equipment.
  • How necessary, or advantageous, is it to engage alternative delivery methods such as IPD, D/B and early involvement?
  • What is COBIE, what does it look like and why do you need to be conversant with it?
  • And much, much more!

Order this 4-part webinar series on how BIM continues to evolve to help A/Es, contractors, CMs and owners realize major productivity gains. A/Es, contractors and CMs will learn how BIM investments can give your organization more opportunities and a competitive advantage. The increased collaboration between the owner and all other parties of the contracting team, supported with recently developed BIM contract documents, is moving complex construction into a more cohesive, collaborative process. 




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