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Synchro Platform 2016.2 Release

Posted by Tom Dengenis on Sep 30, 2016 10:53:24 PM


Version 5.3.2   30 September 2016

New_PRO_256x256_-_Copy.png SYNCHRO PRO


Nvidia Iray rendering has been integrated for high-quality image and animation production. The Iray functionality also includes the ability to override materials with Iray materials from a default library, control over sun position, camera exposure, and sun brightness. It is also possible to render the scene over the Iray Bridge or connect with a cluster of rendering-oriented machines (Iray is an add-on annual subscription to a PRO named user license).  Requires a higher system specification than what is recommended for Synchro PRO.*

The Resource Usage Window now contains a time-distributed spreadsheet that shows resource usage for each day of planned work.

The Task Usage Window also now contains a time-distributed spreadsheet that shows resources assigned per task, per day.

Calculated User Fields can now be created that calculate values from other user fields or object parameters in Synchro. This will allow users to quickly calculate quantities of assigned material resource per task, for example without the need to use Microsoft Excel.

3D Filtering now allows for multiple filters to be applied to the view in order to color-code the model by multiple criteria. Note that “3D Sets” has been renamed to “3D Filters”.

Resources, Tasks, and 3D Objects views have been improved with the addition of multi-column sort and multi-criteria column filters. The right-click menu and filter dialog have been updated as well.

3D object transforms of 3D objects and SPX imports can now be preserved when Synchronising From.

Export to SDEF (Standard Data Exchange Format) exports the schedule to SDEF format for compliance with US government (USACE) standards. The implementation based on ER-1-1-11 standard (dated Jun 15th, 95). SDEF is used by the United States Army Corps of Engineers USACE in their project management and network analysis systems (NAS). We followed the USACE publications exact SDEF specification for this new capability.

Project DMS functions now allow Document URLs and files which can be assigned to any Resource, 3D object, or task, can now be a hyperlink to a URL. This could be used to link PDFs or specification in a document management system to objects in Synchro.

Cameras can be synchronized between multiple 3D views. This is great for showing baseline vs. actual in side by side views and having the cameras looking at the exact same thing.

Events Timeline was added to the animation window in order to show/hide 3D annotations at specific moments in the animation timeline.

3D Path alignment can now reference the original position of the assigned resource, making it much easier to use paths to move objects from their originally imported location.

Monitor progress using SPI(t) for fast, simple, consistent performance metric for schedules.  SPI(t) is a Schedule Performance Index as a function of time rather than cost. It requires only that a Baseline of the target schedule be saved. It does not require any cost or resource-loading of the schedule.

Task Filtering now allows the Task Date Range to be linked to the Start or Finish of a particular Task or to Data Date, Current Date.

Asta PowerProject schedules can now use the Integrate option when Synchronising From

IFC import geometry has been further optimized. Performance with large files is significantly improved. IFC colors are also preserved.


  • Ability to show resources as a flat list (Column Header: View Mode>List)
  • Select All for Resources can now be used to only select what is visible in the filtered table
  • Navigate in Resource/3D lists/tree using Shift + Arrow keys
  • Invert selection for tasks added
  • Multiple Synchro Script improvements
  • Max Activity Code Value length has been increased to 255 symbols
  • Double clicking on column border will auto size to the width of the header
  • Transparency override added for textured planes
  • Option to open PDF document directly after export added
  • Multi-select items in list when customizing columns
  • Middle-mouse can now be used to pan in table views
  • Left click in column headers to Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, and Remove Sorting
  • Drag and drop list items to rearrange when customizing columns
  • Option to skip Resource Appearance Profiles added when synchronizing from SPX
  • Importing an SPX no longer requires a password
  • Undo of Synchronization From 3D/SPX no longer unloads 3D object tree
  • Multi-line text for 3D annotations
  • 3D filters and cutting planes are now preserved with the viewpoint when creating a markup
  • Option to mark/unmark selected resources in 3D filters by resources
  • Hide Selected is now additive to system filter
  • Multiple key frames can now be selected and edited at once in Animation Editor
  • Input Resource Utilization as Units/Time, Total Units or Resource Count (eg. headcount), plus new setting to specify unit type for Equipment and Human resources
  • Additional Baseline and Variance parameters added
  • Task Properties re-organized—most properties are now displayed as parameter-value pairs.
  • Multiple Task Filters with can now be created using AND/OR
  • More Font control for tables provided in Options dialog
  • User Field list can be sorted
  • 3D filters list can be sorted
  • Added Cut Tasks command to move tasks within WBS or between Activity Codes
  • Keyboard shortcuts added to move tasks
  • Default Material Resource assignment is now 1 fixed unit
  • Selected Tasks ID can now be auto-numbered and incremented
  • Sort and Customize Columns in Task Properties>Links


  • You can now add resource/3D lists to AVI output
  • Option to hide column with object numbers in Task/Resource/3D lists inside AVI
  • Option to keep focus time centered on timeline when exporting AVI
  • Textual frames "Active Resources" and "Active Filtered Resources" in AVI
  • Possibility to add PNG images (logo, etc.) inside AVI
  • “Apply” button to save intermediate settings and remember the last active tab in AVI dialog
  • Property 'Start' and 'Duration' may be applied to any textual frame
  • 3D lists displayed as black in export AVI has been fixed
  • 3D views can be exported with Iray


  • Default status set included in default file
  • Improved 3D legend for Resource Status mode
  • Status transparency and visibility control added
  • Task and 3D Filters by resource statuses
  • If model is colored by Resource Status, this can now be exported to FBX with animation data


New_Workgroup_Logo_256x256_-_Copy.png SYNCHRO WORKGROUP PROJECT (Server)

Maintaining a connection to the Workgroup server has been improved—when a connection is lost, PRO will attempt to re-connect with the Server. If the Server stops for some reason, it will automatically re-start the service on the server. This makes working with in Workgroup more seamless and less error-prone.

Integrate data collection from the field--Workgroup now works with Synchro LINK and Synchro SITE. All Photos, Notes, Status progress changes, and Resource Status updates can be pushed to the Workgroup server and made visible instantly to everyone connected.

Stability improved with dozens of minor bug fixes.

Database Administration Tool allows for much easier IT management of the Workgroup for tasks such as starting/restarting, and deploying a workgroup project.


LINK_Icon.png SYNCHRO LINK (API Application)

LINK allows external applications to interact with Synchro PRO files or a Workgroup Server.  The iPad SITE application is an example of how data can get transmitted back and forth between a bespoke status tracking application and the core SP database.

  • LINK can now transmit documents back to a Workgroup project
  • The LINK console has been updated with UI improvements
  • LINK can now GET and SET more Task and Resource parameters
  • Tasks can now be created via LINK
  • A JSON/HTTP interface is now supported as a mode of interacting with LINK


SITE_Logo.png SYNCHRO SITE (Apple iOS iPad App)

SITE 2016 is fully compatable with PRO 2016.2 and enables the field data exchange for many new features and functions including the following items:

  • Multiple projects can be downloaded to the iPad
  • Switch between projects while offline
  • Project changes cached (saved) offline for later submission
  • Full task and resource property display, including settable task properties
  • LINK server connection monitoring and LINK data exchange status reporting
  • Optional download of documents (including photos) and user fields to enhance performance
  • Optional display of tasks with no geometric resources and summary tasks to enhance focus
  • Improved photo, markup, and note, reporting for tasks and resources
  • Improved UI capabilities and model size and speed performance

These new capabilities uniquely provide the only 4D project management platform for field data collecting with real time Synchro PRO model updates.  Imagine your project in a time machine - a real time, field data exchange time machine.

Apple App Store availability

  • The Synchro SITE 2016 App (Version 1010.5.3) is fully compatible with Synchro PRO 2016.2 and will be available on the Apple App Store for download once today’s final submission to Apple has been approved by Apple and posted for download.
  • Thereafter, the latest approved build will always be available under the Synchro SITE 2016 listing on the Apple App Store.
  • Users can opt in to automatic update on their iPad.

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