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Let the University Challenge Begin!

Posted by Tom Dengenis on Jan 20, 2017 11:57:28 PM

The 4th Annual Synchro Software University Challenge was announced to construction educators and students round the globe this week. 

We now live in a complex project culture driven by the digital age.  This new age presents new challenges at a different pace and scale than the construction industry has ever seen before.

All interested students in a university’s construction program are welcome to participate.  The challenge is to Explore a Construction Issue of Interest to your team.  Teams inclusive of 5 current students and one advisor are eligible (undergraduate, graduate, Masters and PhD candidates are all welcome). Multiple teams from the same university are encouraged to engage.  We love to see as much energy as can be organised to focus on the many issues facing the construction industry.  We see a broad spectrum of issues facing the industry that we believe can be solved using modern digital technology and methods supported by Synchro Software; this challenge helps us learn from your energy and collective efforts.

The challenge starts with your team selecting a problem / issue of interest to you, that you believe modern digital technology and methods can play an essential role in solving.  The purpose of the challenge is to focus and learn more about the issue that you care about and present your findings and your proposed solution to the world.  Tackling important industry related challenges starts with understanding the issue and why it matters to the world that we help build, for a better future, both here on earth and beyond, as opposed to  jumping straight into the technical knowhow as prescribed by the software.  

Participants are asked to demonstrate a deep understanding of an issue by outlining the current solutions and defining missing elements required for solving the issue / improving the construction industry. Seek to focus on what improves construction output, ensuring safe productive jobsites in which we invite millions of people to perform construction work every day, while creating a better world for the 7 billion people on earth today.

  • Develop a “Problem” Statement
  • Develop a “Solution” Statement
  • Explore the Issue
  • Utilize Synchro Software (in particular PRO) to visualize your proposed solution
  • Present your findings

Get involved to challenge your current industry thinking and expand your knowledge and understanding of a construction problem / issue that is of interest to you, as you help everyone gain a clearer vision for the future of construction as you see it.  The process is expected to sharpen your teamwork and presentation skills.  As your sponsor, we anticipate solutions to be formed with an expectation that Synchro Software is an important component of the solution. If your team requires educational licenses or access to the resources available in our Synchro Academy to better understand our platform’s power, please make your requests of us straightaway. 

Over the past four years of sponsoring the Synchro University Challenge, we have witnessed construction educators and students proudly showcase their school, their program, and their team to the entire Synchro Software user community.  This year we have created a new approach as well as increased the overall prize awards as follows:

  1. 1st  Our top team will be awarded $3,000, a commemorative plaque, plus a 5 year Synchro PRO subscription license for each student member.
  2. 2nd Our “runner up” team, with special distinction, will be awarded $2,000, a commemorative plaque, plus a 3 year Synchro PRO subscription license for each student member.
  3. 3rd Our 3rd place team, with special distinction, will be awarded $1,000, a commemorative plaque, plus a 1 year Synchro PRO subscription license for each team member

Please note that cash prizes will be awarded to the school’s academic program as directed by the academic advisor.

We require that each team register by 17 February 2017 with the intention of completing the challenge. To register your team, submit the “Team Roster” along with a “Problem Statement” as described in the official challenge materials posted on the Synchro Software website www.synchroltd.com.

Once registered, submit your team’s “Solutions Statement” by 3 March 2017 and lastly, by 14 April 2017, submit your findings and final presentation to Synchro Software for judging.

On the 1st of May 2017 Synchro will be Announce the winners.  Submissions will be published for the world to see.

The students of today’s construction education programs will change the world.  It is our hope that the Synchro Software University Challenge starts that process in earnest, today, by showcasing important issues and solutions that will surely inspire the world.  

If your issue if as straightforward as Job Site Safety, Modular Prefabrication, or the effects of “Mega”-projects that are now becoming the norm, the industry has a new opportunity and responsibility to define the issue with fresh eyes and perspective and present solutions that challenge the status quo. Today’s construction students are at a place and time to open the industry’s hearts and minds to engage new ideas for today’s construction issues.   This new digital construction reality opens up the entire spectrum of old issues and new issues alike to new digital solutions without limitation.  Our global construction industry allows the issues to be identified, the approaches to be re-thought, with the expectation that we settle for nothing but the best working environment for the global construction industry.   The solutions that lay ahead for the industry are limitless. Some exciting technical solutions are proving to be viable, around the work of robotics, exoskeleton personnel equipment and the new world of augmented and mixed reality and dozens more!

There is no secret that the construction industry is facing a major shift in the demand and types of demand for its services and its capabilities to serve the needs for the built environment, whether to maintain existing, build more of the same or build new innovative technologies for our world.   We know that these challenges will stretch our existing capacity to help solve the industry’s issues.  Keep in focus what is missing from available solutions and propose ideas to fill the gap.  Consider what we can learn and transfer from other industries and share examples of to inspire the industry.

Please use the resources available to your benefit, including Sycnrho PRO educational licenses, Synchro Academy, where you will find access to training material including our tutorial model and basic project schedule, user case studies, and multiple YouTube videos.  Attract support and participation from local constructors and industry professionals.  Use visual tools to help communicate your research and analysis. Respect your sources with a proper bibliography and know right up front that our expectation is no different than that of your university; that your team’s work is thoughtful, shares your insight, and is clear for your global audience. 

Have fun, learn and we look forward to your views and solutions on the issues facing our global construction industry.

Best wishes,

Tom Dengenis


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