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Build NY Live: Connecting the Community with BIM

Posted by Jessica Makrinos on Sep 30, 2015 3:01:45 PM

Starting mid-day on September 21, team BIM Unlimited gathered around 2D plans of Hudson Yards and brainstormed ideas for the Western side of Western Yards. Western Yards is the western side of Hudson Yards, a 17 million square foot piece of property that combines both commercial and residential space.  

Hudson Yards Layout

48 hours later, BIM Unlimited presented a Synchro PRO 4D model and won the Sustainability and Constructability Award. 

What is Build NY Live? 

Build NY Live is a 48 hour BIM competition that challenges professionals from all over the world to re-imagine the Western Yard Site at Western Yards.  

What was the challenge? 

This year’s challenge was to construct Hudson Yards Sports Arena- a bridge connecting all communities from every socio-economic class through sports.

How did Synchro contribute to the success of the team?

Our very own Shaohua Guan was part of team BIM Unlimited, which consisted of students and professionals from the UK, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Japan. BIM Unlimited took the architectural and structural IFC files, imported them into Synchro PRO and created an animation. What the team found most helpful about PRO was the model synchronizing feature. “The model synchronizing feature was extremely useful when updating the model from initial to final design,” said the team. Synchro, along with the other technology used, lead the team to win the Build NY Live Sustainability and Constructability award which recognized the team with the best overall 4D model, among other criteria. Way to go team!

Build NY Live Synchro Software Ltd

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