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Roar Fosse

Roar Fosse is the Regional Manager of Lean Construction in Skanska Norway’s Oslo region, with an academic background from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and San Diego State University. He is on the board of Lean Construction Norway and part of Skanska’s global 4D Task Group. - See more at: http://leanconstructionblog.com/How-4D-Scheduling-Creates-Synergies-Between-BIM-and-Lean.

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How 4D scheduling creates synergies between BIM & Lean

Posted by Roar Fosse on Dec 2, 2015 4:03:14 PM

With new tools come new methods. There are numerous examples of this when it comes to Lean Construction and BIM, where new BIM tools require new processes that very often encompass several lean principles. I tend to say that Lean is the right leg and BIM is the left leg, and although you could stand on either one, in a fiercely competitive market that constantly shifts, it is easier for a construction company to maintain balance by standing on both. 

4D scheduling is one example of synergy where BIM can be used to achieve lean effects, either to support traditional planning methodology or to complement the Last Planner™ System. This blog post is meant to give an introduction to 4D scheduling and how some projects at Skanska achieves lean effects from using 4D in projects.

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